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Portsmouth homeowners receive code violation notices for long grass

Posted at 4:36 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 18:10:58-04

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - A number of community members in Portsmouth are outraged after multiple residents received code violation notices this week.

The Notice of Violation from the Portsmouth Dept. of Permits and Inspections served them paperwork saying their grass was too long. According to the form the grass length is in violation of City Code Section 23-26 which states ‘it is unlawful to permit any weeds to grow to a height exceeding ten inches on any land, alley, sidewalk or street.’

A viewer verified to us that this notice could come with a $150 fine per violation.

Residents have mixed reactions saying:

  • The continuous rain has made the grass grow at an exceptional rate and they cant keep up with it
  • They cant find a dry day to mow the lawn
  • They hire a company to take care of it, but rain is backing up their landscaping

The residents are given a period of time in which they can cut their lawn or pay the fine.