Military families victimized by a McDonald’s employee taking orders

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 18:10:49-04

Norfolk, Va. - Purchasing some fast food turned into a big problem for some people in Norfolk.

Right now a former McDonald’s employee is facing 5 felony charges, accused of skimming credit cards from customers.

Police said the vast majority of victims are either in the military or related to someone in the military because the McDonald’s is so close to Naval Station Norfolk.

Police say they are working on 10 cases, but they think there could be more victims.

Picking up a big mac, turned into a problem when some customers checked their bank statements.

Norfolk Police say they got calls from people who said their credit card information was stolen.

The investigation started back in early April.

Police say the common denominator was that they had all bought food from this McDonalds located at 8300 block of Hampton Blvd.

Authorities said they set up surveillance video and captured a teller in the drive thru using a skimmer while taking the customers’ credit cards.

The 30 year-old man was arrested for 5 felony charges.

McDonald's Representatives say he no longer works at the restaurant.

Tamika Copper is all too familiar with credit card fraud.

She said a similar situation just happened to her recently.

“I was very upset humiliated. I was very upset about the situation because I needed to buy something and I don't carry cash,” said Copper.

Other regular customers told News 3 they’re shocked and saddened.

Jamal Bagby who eats that the restaurant said the employees at that location are wonderful people who always go out of their way for him even buying him food when he didn't have enough money.

Bagby said, “It's really messed up that that happen and it should be a reflection on those people.”

Police think there are possibly more victims and more suspects possibly involved.

With so many people using credit cards – it’s a hard crime to protect yourself from.

They say using cash is best to prevent this problem, but keeping an eye on your credit card at all times and checking your bank statements daily could also help you.

McDonald’s Representatives sent us a statement about the situation:

“When our restaurant became aware of the issue, we immediately notified the Norfolk Police Department and worked closely with authorities in their investigation. Our organization is committed to putting our customers first and personally contacted each individual affected to assure them that the situation had been resolved and the employee identified, terminated and arrested.” – CATLEE IncorporatedMcDonald’s Local Franchise Organization