Ten cats survive after 63 taken from Newport News home

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 17:40:34-04
Cat ready for adoption.

Cat ready for adoption.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Dozens of cats were taken from a Newport News home, and most were euthanized, according to the city.

In total, 63 cats were taken from the home. Of those, 8 were dead or died on the way to the shelter.

A total of 55 were brought to the shelter but 45 were euthanized because they were aggressive or sick, according to city leaders.

Three-year-old Cher, a black cat is ready to find a forever home.

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter manager, Roger Iles, said, “Cher is one of the success stories from that situation.”

The situation was horrifying to some people who heard what happened to the cats.

City leaders say an investigation started back in April after a citizen complained about the condition of the cats and the home.

It smelled of cat urine and feces when News 3 first went to the house on Tuesday.

Raymond Veditz was issued 40 summons including animal cruelty, failure to care for a pet, illegal use of land, illegal operation of a feral cat commune, and not having rabies shots and licenses for the animals, according to the clerk of courts.

Tuesday, News 3 tried to talk to Veditz, but he did not say much after hanging up private property signs around his home. City leaders say he has been much more cooperative with them since our story aired.

They say the house was condemned June 15.

Newport News resident Patricia Hores was so upset by the situation she says she wrote to City Council. She said, “He needs to be punished and he needs to pay the bill.”

A few of the cats have already found homes. Cher was deemed adoptable and is looking for a home now.

LJ is being evaluated medically by staff at the shelter and will hopefully be put up for adoption.

Veditz is expected in court July 27 for the charges related to the alleged condition of the house and the animals.

City leaders say 99 cats were taken out of his home back in 2011 during a similar situation, however he didn’t face charges because he was cooperating with the city to get the animals out of the house.

To contact the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter call 757-933-8999. The shelter is located at 5843 Jefferson Ave in Newport News.