Boy, 8, nearly drowns in pool aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Posted at 11:12 PM, Jun 30, 2016

NEW JERSEY — An 8-year-old boy on the Royal Caribbean “Anthem of the Seas” cruise ship nearly drowned in a pool Thursday, forcing the ship to turn around.

Crew members were alerted Thursday evening that a boy needed medical attention after he was found inside a pool, the FDNY told WPIX.

The FDNY and NYPD met the cruise ship at the Bayonne port. The boy was transported by police helicopter to an area hospital, according to the FDNY.

In December of 2015, an 8-year-old boy aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, drowned in the pool. One of the guests pulled his body from the water, but attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

In January of 2015 a Florida mother sued Royal Caribbean after her 4-year-old nearly drowned in deep water near a toddler pool. A guest pulled his body out of the water, roughly five minutes after he fell in. He survived, but suffers long-term health issues.

At least five children have drowned and another five have nearly drowned in cruise ship pools, according to an investigation by WPLG.

Royal Caribbean Cruises released the following statement on the latest incident:

On Thursday, June 30, an eight-year old boy onboard Anthem of the Seas was treated by the ship’s medical team after an accident in one of the ship’s swimming pools, but required additional medical attention. The ship altered its course and sailed back towards Bayonne, New Jersey, and the boy has been evacuated is being treated at a hospital. Royal Caribbean’s Care Team is providing support to the guest’s family.