Virginia Beach lifeguards ready for Fourth of July weekend crowds

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 01, 2016


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The Fourth of July weekend is in full swing at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. With hundreds of people making their way to the beach and into the water, officials are stepping up their safety precautions.

News 3's cameras were rolling when lifeguards sprang into action to save two swimmers in distress. It turned out that it was only a mock rescue, something officials say guards do periodically to stay sharp.

Anxious onlookers said they had no idea it was a drill.

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"My granddaughter said, 'Nanny someone's out there,' so I started yelling," explained Peggy Roberge of Chesterfield.

Once Roberge learned it was a drill, her feelings went from helpless to relieved.

"They did it, they went out there, I didn't know it was a drill. They were 100%," she said. "They did everything they were supposed to do and I feel safe."

While extra lifeguards are being staffed this July 4th, beach-goers may not necessarily see more guards on the stands. Beach officials say there will be more guards, so that they can switch out more frequently. This way there is always a fresh guard on the stand ready to take action in case of an emergency.


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