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A mother’s love – meet Dottie Jayne and her piglets

Posted at 10:30 AM, Jul 12, 2016

KNOTTS ISLAND, N.C. - On a quiet farm one tiny special dog became big a hero this weekend.

Meet Dottie Jayne, a 12-year-old Jack Russell. Now, meet her babies - newborn miniature piglets!

When Courtney Waterfields miniature pig Sophie gave birth to a new litter of miniature piglets this weekend it did not quite go as planned. Momma Sophie did not want anything to do with her new babies. She rejected the piglets and refused to let them nurse.

That is when Dottie Jayne's motherly instinct kicked in and she took action to save the day. The loving Jack Russell, who intensely  watched over each baby piglet as they were, born eagerly jumped into her new role, as their Mom.

She kept a close watch over the tiny pink piggies and even allowed them to try to start to nurse. The miracle that happened next shocked everyone.

dottie jayneDottie Jayne started to produce milk!

Owner, Courtney Culpepper Waterfield, who is a horseback riding instructor, posted a picture of the babies feeding on Instagram and had this to say about her little hero, "Dottie Jayne, you are a saint of a dog to have fostered these piglets. God is amazing how he has blessed me with such a wonderful dog."

Dottie Jayne saw no difference between herself and the little snout-nosed pink babies. She loved them from the moment they were born. Being a Mom is tough, but a Mother's love knows no boundaries.

Maybe Dottie Jayne can teach us all a lesson about love, compassion and taking action to save lives, no matter what our differences may be.