Neighbors say man caught on surveillance is burglarizing Newport News neighborhood

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 17:43:32-04

Two neighbors want to know one thing: who the man is who broke into their car and home on Stag Terrace.

They have a good clue, since one of the thefts was caught on surveillance video.

"I was excited that we could finally see what he looked like. I felt this was the first step in apprehending him," Beverly Lilly told News 3.

Beverly is one of the two victims.

Last Wednesday, at around 5 a.m., her dog alerted her that something was wrong in her home.

"She wasn't barking, she just went 'grrr,' and was pacing in the room, which is totally unlike her," she said.

Beverly walked out of her bedroom, and saw a man inside.

"I look and someone was standing there. [I said] 'What the heck is going on?' I yelled for my son, who jumped out of bed," she told News 3.

The man ran out of the home. She says he looks exactly like the man who was caught on her neighbor's surveillance video.

Herb Playntor had set up surveillance outside of his hope. He captured the man going through his wife's car, stealing paperwork and cash.

"That's what really scares me. I don't know what kind of paperwork he got. If it's personal information...I'm not sure," Herb said.

They both realized the same man burglarized them both in one night.

"That's very disturbing because a vehicle is one thing, but when you enter someone's dwelling at 5 a.m., you've got some bigger issues. You're a dangerous individual who needs to be taken off the street," he said.

"I don't care to be at home alone. I don't like the feeling of paranoia. The only thing he took from us was our sense of security," Beverly said.

Now, they want him behind bars.

"My concern is this is going to escalate. Before it gets any worse, turn yourself in," Beverly told News 3.

Newport News police say there could be more break-ins in the neighborhood, but they haven't been reported yet. If you know anything, call the Crime Line at 1-888-Lock-U-Up.