Off-duty Newport News officer saves Smithfield family and home from fire

Posted at 11:11 AM, Jul 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 22:23:44-04

MPO Mike Daniels

SMITHFIELD, Va. – On Friday, an off duty Newport News police officer was mowing a lawn when he saw a fire at a nearby property.

The officer, Master Police Officer Mike Daniels, took action and went to the home and warned the homeowners.

He assisted in evacuating the eight people inside the home and unplugged the electric smoker that was the cause of the fire.

The homeowner contacted the Newport News Police Department to thank him for his “completely selfless act.”

The full text of the email was posted on Facebook.

“This past Friday, 15 July, one of your Officers saved our newly purchased home and family from a fire. At 0700 I pulled our electric smoker and plugged it in to pre heat at 220 degrees to smoke some ribs for my family and my cousins family (who were in town visiting). We had used the same smoker the previous day. There were four of us adults and four children all under the age of 5 in the house so I went back inside to prepare some breakfast for everyone. At 0720 I heard screaming coming from the garage area and seconds later Mike Daniels entered our home alerting of us of the fire that had erupted from the smoker. He then swiftly assisted in the evacuation of all 8 of us from the home (4 where still in bed sleeping). He also reacted brilliantly in unplugging the unit from the wall. The flames shot as high as our 2nd story windows and certainly would have led to total destruction of our home and could have led to serious damage or loss of life. Mike put himself in grave danger with no thought of his own well-being for absolute strangers and we are forever grateful. We later learned that he was mowing grass, as a side job, when he noticed the fire and came running to our rescue. The fire department responded and the smoker was extinguished. The only damage was to the unit itself, thanks to Mike. When he informed me that he was an off duty Officer of the law I thought his supervision must know of this completely selfless act. My opinion of those who risk everything to enforce the law is very high and this further cements that belief.”