Teacher’s pay raises potentially in danger

Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 16:47:39-04
Virginia - There are possible problems with teachers getting the rest of their pay raises.
It's an issue that has some people upset.
Money that was supposed to be used to pay for teachers pay raises could be in jeopardy.
Virginia Beach teachers received an email informing them that shortfalls in the state budget could impact the rest of the money they were going to get.
In the city of Virginia Beach teachers got a 2% bump in July and a 1.34% increase was expected in December which was supposed to come from the state.
But if the money doesn't come from the state - it will have to come from somewhere else.
Virginia Beach Council Man John Moss is on vacation but spoke to us about the issue on Friday.
"I am confident that the City Council can find and it does exist, the resources to fill in that gap and we have the capacity to deal with it  ... If we can't find $2.2 million we're not doing our job."
This is a statewide issue but will be handled differently by each city.
We reached out to other districts in our area but many offices are closed on Fridays in the summer.
"It's absolutely one of the hardest jobs because they end up, so much of the time taking the responsibility of the parents that don't do their job properly," said Virginia Beach Resident Jim Ottoson, "I think teachers are worth far more than they are paid for."

Lourdes Miller from Virginia Beach said, "There's just so much that they do out-of-pocket and a lot of parents aren't even aware of that. They think everything is funded by the public."

"They do a lot of things so I think they deserve every dime given," said Carmelita Coleman, a Virginia Beach resident.

Nothing has been decided officially by the state and the governor is expected  to make budget recommendation on August 26.

Many teachers and staff will be watching closely.