Marina Joyce is safe: Fans worried following series of bizarre posts by YouTube star

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 16:18:03-04

Relax, Marina Joyce fans. She’s OK.

Fans of the British fashion blogger, whose YouTube channel has more than 860,000 subscribers, were left baffled and concerned about her safety following a recent series of bizarre social posts.

In a video posted July 22, Joyce appeared distracted and unsettled while promoting a dress collection. Followers claimed that she could be heard whispering “help me,” and others pointed out what appeared to be marks on her arms in the video.

People speculated the online star had been kidnapped, with some saying it looked like someone was forcing her to film the video.

Worried fans reacted by tweeting #SaveMarinaJoyce, which trended globally on Twitter. As of Wednesday morning the hashtag had been shared more than 3.1 million times.

But Joyce assuaged fears Wednesday, telling her 300,000 Twitter followers that she was ‘TOTALLY fine.” She went on to host a live-streamed event where she made a heart shape with both hands, claiming: “This is a heart that says I’m not in danger.”

Police in the UK also put worried minds to rest after Joyce’s worried fans bombarded them with calls, saying on Twitter that she’s “safe and well.”

But the Internet loves conspiracy theories. Earlier, as speculation grew about Joyce’s well-being, a commenter suggested that Joyce had “left so many hints.”

This came after she posted a tweet inviting fans to meet in an East London neighborhood. She also said to “bring a friend so you don’t get lost,” but the date wasn’t specified.

Another Twitter user warned others not to go to Joyce’s event, cautioning, “I’d hate for anyone to be in danger.”