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Boy raises $20,000 for children’s hospital

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 16:57:36-04

There are a lot of ways a 10-year-old boy might spend $500. But when Blake Kroll auctioned off his pig for $500 at the county fair, he donated his earnings to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

It didn’t stop there.

Kroll’s mother, Kim, told CNN that when others saw her son’s generous donation they raised their paddles at auction to chip in as well. First, one person offered to cover the $500 that Blake was donating.

Then, Kim said, “it was like a chain reaction. It’s phenomenal because we are small community. Everyone knows everybody.”

Within minutes, 31 businesses had donated thousands of dollars.

After the auction ended, people kept mailing checks and cash donations to the Kroll family, who live in Kewaunee County north of Milwaukee. The amount soon reached $20,000.

Kim said the donation was all her son’s idea. For years, Blake has been going to hospitals for his own medical problems. “He wanted to give something back because he likes his doctors and he sees kids that are worse than him.”

Blake presented the $20,000 to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on Wednesday.

Hospital spokesman Andy Brodzeller lauded the boy’s generosity and the community response. “One boy inspired dozens to come forward and to see that this is the right thing to do and to make sure kids get the best treatment they can,” he said.

The Kroll family said they are still receiving donations.