Newport News family still waiting for installation three months after paying Sea-Thru windows

Posted at 10:22 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 23:57:32-04

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A local family is worried they will never get the windows they paid for.

72-year-old Shirley Gaston and her daughter, Jacqueline, paid Sea-Thru Windows $2,300 for new windows at their Newport News home back in mid-April.

Since Shirley moved in nine years ago, the family says there have been issues with the windows, including ones that are broken, do not open, and even do not lock. They finally saved up the money to get the problem addressed.

"Hard-earned money," says Shirley. "I'm 72-years-old, they ripped me off, that's the way I feel."

Jacqueline says their first appointment with Sea-Thru went great. They were told the turnaround would take eight to ten weeks.

The ten week mark hit about a month ago.

She says she has called numerous times and gets different excuses, including issues with the glass cutter. At one point, she says she could not even reach them over the phone.

"Now it's like we've been taken, it's frustrating," she says. "Our safety is in jeopardy because most of our windows don't lock."

News 3 went to the Norfolk address listed on Sea-Thru's website and there was a notice of eviction on the door.

A phone receptionist for the company says they moved to Virginia Beach. As for the Gaston's order, she says the delay is due to issues at their manufacturing and shipping company, a separate company, so it is "out of their hands."

She says the truck with the Gaston's order broke down last week, but she is hoping the shipment comes in on Friday.

That's what the Gaston's hope as well, but they say they have heard that line before.

"They told me over three times that the windows were coming in on Friday," says Jacqueline. "Come tomorrow when I call Sea-Thru Windows again, I don't believe that we are going to get our windows."

News 3 will be following up to see if the windows come in.