Redskins running backs lack experience, not confidence

Posted at 9:13 PM, Jul 30, 2016

Richmond, Va. - In the first few days of training camp, we've learned Redskins players like to bust a move before practice. Luckily, the team's success won't be contingent upon the footwork of those guys. But these guys? That's a different story.

"If you're a running back, you would love to be on this team," admitted Redskins tailback Matt Jones.

The fancy feet of Washington's running backs could help the 'Skins take a big step towards defending their NFC East division title.
Redskins running backs prepare for individual drills

Redskins running backs prepare for individual drills

"Me and Matt know what we did last year and we know where we can get better," running back Chris Thompson told News 3 sports. "We're going to continue to do that and bring the young guys along."

The running backs run thin on experience, as the second year pro Jones is the starter. Thompson, just in his third year, is the veteran in the room. That's why, in the eyes of the so-called experts, the backfield is the Washington offense's biggest concern.

"I don't really look into it too much," Jones said responding to the doubters. "I don't pay attention to off the field stuff. I just worry about what we have in our building."

"You can't get experience if they keep bringing in older guys to take your spot," Thompson noted. "We know what our roles are."

"It's been good to watch Matt progress," head coach Jay Gruden admitted. "Not just carrying the ball, but knowing who to block and all the little things about the running back position."

"I feel like I have a different approach than last year," Jones said.  "Now that I have a starting role on the team, and everybody's depending on me back there to do what I'm supposed to do - run the ball well."

The 'Skins backs are young. They are inexperienced. But the players are not dancing around any of those facts.

They're just dancing.