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Young HRT passengers can now ride for free with the Student Freedom Pass

Posted at 3:38 PM, Aug 01, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. – Public transportation customers 17 years old and younger, can now ride the bus, light rail, and ferry services for free.

The Student Freedom Pass is the first of it’s kind as HRT has never offered free transit to youths as a feature of its fare media.

The HRT pilot program aims to encourage young customers to develop positive habits when it comes to using public transportation.

“The young are the future of our community,” said William E. Harrell, president and CEO of Hampton Roads Transit. “We want to provide the youth of Hampton Roads every opportunity to ride transit with as little effort as possible.”

Young passengers ride at half the fare rate currently, paying .75 cents one way or $1.75 all day.

The Student Freedom Pass will allow youth to skip the charge but they do need to apply for the pass before riding for free.

If a young person boards transit without the pass they will be required to pay the half fare rate. If they board with a fare paying adult, they will be able to ride for free.

Transit operators may also require a person to show proof of age with valid identification which includes elementary, middle, or high school picture ID, a DMV ID card, or a Hampton Roads Transit Youth ID.

The program also aims to give young people better access to before and after school programs, educational opportunities, jobs, and recreational activities.

Visit a Hampton Roads Transit center to obtain the Student Freedom Pass.