Driver charged after hitting pedestrian, two cars in Virginia Beach

Posted at 8:46 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 11:41:22-04

VB Hit and runUpdate: Williams was denied bond a second time. His preliminary hearing will be in October.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Police are investigating an accident where the driver may have struck several vehicles and a pedestrian at different locations, according to their preliminary investigation.

The vehicle-pedestrian accident was called in around 7:51 p.m on Friday, August 5.

A witness tells News 3 the driver came flying down Holland Road when he was about to make a left-hand turn onto Lynnhaven Parkway.

He says the car was clearly smashed in, smoking, and the driver had blood coming down his face.

"I thought I was going to die," says James Duriga. "The only thing that flashed through my mind was my soon-to-be step kids and my fiancé, and if I was going to see them tonight."

Paul James Williams - charged with 3 counts of Felony Hit and Run, DUI, DUI Maiming, Expired Inspection and No Seat Belt.

Duriga says he was able to safely make it to the center divider and call 9-1-1. He learned afterwards from police that the driver hit two cars and a woman pedestrian before almost hitting him, then proceeded to hit another car before getting taken into custody.

He describes the suspect's car as a black Honda.

A car matching that description was surrounded by police cars at the intersection of Holland Road and South Plaza Trail shortly after the vehicle/pedestrian accident was reported.

Police say the driver and the pedestrian were taken to local hospitals.

The pedestrian is reported to have significant injuries, while the suspect driver is reported to have minor injuries.

Virginia Beach Police announced Monday that the driver was identified as 47-year-old Paul James Williams. He has been charged with three counts of Felony Hit and Run, DUI, DUI Maiming, Expired Inspection, and No Seat Belt.

When police arrested Williams, court documents say he told officers "I don't think I should be driving."

The paperwork also says his breathalyzer test read .294.  Court documents also say he told officers he just opened the "Pokemon Go" app right before the first crash.

He has a bond appeal on September 7.