Suspect turns himself in after woman jump kicked in Richmond

Posted at 2:53 PM, Aug 05, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond Police said the teenage boy seen kicking a woman on videohas turned himself into police.

A video surfaced on social media showing an unknown woman being kicked to ground by a man. It appears to be filmed in Richmond’s Whitcomb Court.

She was told to "come to the camera" and shortly after was kicked by a teenage boy so hard she nearly fell over.

The incident was filmed and posted to Facebook, but the video has since been taken down.

Richmond Police were alerted to the video and had been investigating.

Spokesman, James Mercante said around 1 a.m. Thursday, a parent and a young man came into the First Precinct because the parent believed the teen was responsible for the taped assault.

The teen was interviewed and police opened up a file.

However, because the victim hasn't come forward, there are currently no charges in the case.

Richmond Police said the victim must file a report first.

Dana Schrad with the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police isn't involved in the case, but explains the process of charging a suspect.

"Even if you could prove an assault and battery simply on the video and even have a confession from an individual, a lot of times you have to take into consideration the desires of the victim or concerns of the victim," said Schrad.

CBS 6 also showed the video to Richmond School Board Member Shonda Harris-Muhammed.

"When you look at that clip of the video, it sends the message that kids are implementing these certain type of behaviors, these games," said Harris-Muhammed.

Richmond Police said officers are working to try to locate the victim so she can consider charges.

Anyone with information on the victim's whereabouts is encouraged to call the First Precinct at 804-646-3602.

A woman claiming to be the teenage boy's mother in the video declined an interview.