Former Surry County star Reggie Diggs trying to make the ‘Skins

Posted at 12:25 AM, Aug 08, 2016

Richmond, Va. - It's been a rocky start to his NFL journey, but former Surry County wide receiver Reggie Diggs has a corner stacked with believers. "It feels good, you know, you got a lot of support around here, went to college right up the street, so it's not a lot of hassle for people to come out and support." says Diggs.

Coming off of knee surgery, Diggs practiced for the first time this past week. He's a big, physical receiver that head coach Jay Gruden wants to show what made him so many fans, right up the street. "He's just got to show that he's healthy, number one, which he is. He wouldn't be practicing if he wasn't. He's just got to play big, play to his size, he's a big physical receiver, and we need him to play big and physical." says Gruden.