911 calls made the day William Chapman died and video the defense will use in appeal released

Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 19:22:19-04

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - 911 calls made minutes before William Chapman was shot and killed by former Portsmouth Police Officer Stephen Rankin have been released. On the recording you can hear, “We have a shoplifter at Walmart 1098 Frederick Blvd.”

It happened on April 22, 2015 at around 7 o’clock in the morning.

A loss prevention officer inside the Walmart called 911 to report a shoplifter then gave a description.

The person said, “He is located in the shoe department, Black male with a grey hoodie, black scarf, multi-colored sweatpants, black hat…. Male is consuming clothing, he is moving towards the front near the general merchandise exit.”

He calls 911 back and says the person is leaving the store.

Dispatcher: Do you see the officer?

Walmart employee: “Nah, I’m looking for him. I don’t see the officer nowhere...Oh, I see him.”

Dispatcher: “Just show him where the guy is.”

We know from court testimony Officer Rankin talked with the loss prevention officer who pointed out Chapman in the parking lot.

Rankin is heard saying, “I’ll be out with that suspect.”

We know from court testimony that Rankin approached Chapman.

There was a confrontation.

Rankin pulls out his Taser and attempts to use it on Chapman, but he said Chapman knocked it out of his hand and it went flying 20 feet away.

The Taser video turns off for 15 seconds – and there was a struggle.

Rankin then open fires on Chapman.

On the 911 recording you can hear, “Shots fired, one down near the IHOP, Frederick Blvd.”

The Taser turns back on after the shooting.

You can hear Rankin saying don’t die on me man as Chapman lies on the ground.

You hear, “I’m by the main entrance to the IHOP right across from the Rally’s.  He is unresponsive….  Have medics stage by the Wells Fargo so they can be close…I’m not getting a pulse, start CPR.”

Chapman was shot in the face and chest.

“I’m doing CPR.  Start setting up a crime scene as soon as you can so you can get medics in here,” heard on the recording.

The unarmed 18 year-old died at the scene.

Rankin was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and the jury recommended 2.5 years.

Tuesday we also got newly released video from court security video.

You see a friend of the Chapman family speaking to a juror in the hallway of the courthouse.

When this happened on day 6 of the trial, the defense made a motion for a mistrial, but the judge denied it.

The next day the defense came back and said they had video of encounter and asked for it to be entered in as evidence.

The judge also denied that request. The defense said they will use this courthouse security video in their efforts for an appeal.

Rankin will be formally sentenced on October 12.

Defense attorney said they can’t file an appeal until after the formal sentencing.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the Chapman family said they plan to file their civil lawsuit against the city of Portsmouth, Rankin, and the former police chief in the next few weeks.