Flight attendant adopts stray dog who wouldn’t stop waiting for her at Argentina hotel

Posted at 8:31 PM, Aug 10, 2016

A German flight attendant had her life veer into a Disney movie territory when she adopted a stray dog from the streets of Buenos Aires.

As you read the rest of this story, imagine lush orchestral swells in the background: Olivia Sievers lives in Germany but as a flight attendant she regularly travels to Buenos Aires. During one visit earlier this year, one of Argentina’s famous street dogs took a shine to Sievers and followed her around town. She told Noticiero Trece she tried to lose the pup because she didn’t want him to get attached.

No such luck. The dog won her over, and she spent some time feeding and playing with him.

Inevitably, the transience of flight attendant life called, and Sievers was again up in the air. Anyone would have thought it was the end of a brief, if beautiful little friendship. However, the threads of fate were already intertwined.

The next time Sievers was in town, the dog was there, waiting for her.

Every time she made the long trip, the dog seemed to find her, and greeted her hopefully outside her hotel. She documented their friendship on her Facebook page, which is now private. She named the dog Rubio, and decided to adopt him.

Their love story officially began as so many do: With piles of paperwork. According to The Dodo, Sievers applied to transport him from Argentina to Germany. He now lives with Sievers and her other two dogs.

Whatever the reason for his tenacity, Rubio seems very comfortable with his new life. Did he have some sort of secret motivation from the start? Who knows. He’s a dog, and a very happy one at that.