Norfolk woman scammed out of thousands on caregiver website

Posted at 4:39 PM, Aug 11, 2016

Norfolk - Meleah Holmes was looking to make some extra money this summer by taking a care giver job, but instead of making money, she ended up losing nearly five thousand dollars.

Holmes says she created an account on, a website for people looking to hire and accept baby sitters and caregivers jobs. After applying to several jobs, she finally heard back from a woman named Jennifer who was looking for a caregiver for her epileptic sister. According to the ad, the sister needed someone to check on her for a few hours a day, as well as someone to pay her bills.

"I felt responsible," said Holmes. "Here is a woman who has epilepsy, shes depending on me and I applied for this job I said I would help."

Holmes says she was sent a check for $5,000. Jennifer told her $500 of it was for her, the rest was for Holmes to pay the woman's bills. Once she deposited the check, she started paying the woman's bills.

"I found out it was a scam when I went to check my back account and had a negative balance for the amount of money they sent the check for," explained Holmes.

Now Meleah says she is out nearly $5,000 and says police are unable to help.

"I was so shocked because they say this happens all the time."

Now she's trying to turn her negative bank account into a positive situation. She created a YouTube videooutlining her entire experience, she also held a question and answer session to help people see the red flags she missed.

"More than anything I just want people to know so they don't fall into this trap."

On Sitter City's website there is a section that warns sitters and families about scams on their site where they point out important warning signs.