Little girl advises Obama to start wearing tie-dye, president responds

Posted at 3:49 PM, Aug 14, 2016

WASHINGTON – A young girl took it upon herself to instruct President Obama on how to do his job, and her adorable advice got a reply from one of the busiest men in the world.

Lily is 8 years old and the daughter of an airman in the Air Force. She sent President Barack Obama a letter advising him to let loose, and let the country know we’re doing okay.

“I think this country needs more spunk,” Lily started her letter. “With all the attack, the Zika virus, and the wars, this country is a very sad place. Please do something fun.”

So what did Lily think would help America get back on its feet? The president altering his wardrobe, for starters.

“Wear a tie-dye shirt and shorts to something important. Go on a waterskiing trip in the Caribbean. Take your family to Disney World. Do something fun and outgoing.”

The little girl said she has too many “politics worries,” and wants to be reassured.

Lily also made sure the didn’t think she was being too hard on him. “Congratulations on having served almost eight years as president! I almost forgot to write that. I am your biggest fan,” she said.

Lily is quite the ambitious child – besides addressing the leader of the free world so directly, she hopes to grow up to be a cardiovascular surgeon. Her backup plan? To be president, naturally.

Obama loved the letter and replied to his precocious advisor.

While he doesn’t think that Michelle, Malia or Sasha would approve of him wearing tie-dye in public, he said he knows how important it is for him to ensure Lily’s generation can thrive and have “boundless opportunity.”

“Wherever your hard work and talents take you — whether it’s becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, the President of the United States, or chasing a dream you’ve yet to discover — always remember that you have a big role to play in shaping the world and making a difference in people’s lives. Your enthusiasm and drive give me great hope for the future, and I am confident you can achieve your highest aspirations if you put your best effort into everything you do. I expect great things from you!” Obama wrote.

He added that Lily has enough spunk to keep our nation strong, told Lily to thank her dad for his service to our country, and closed his letter “Your friend, Barack Obama.”

Read the full correspondence here.