Drywall falls out of ceiling at beach rental, renter says she’s unhappy with how the company handled it

Posted at 9:58 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 23:22:50-04

NAGS HEAD, N.C - A beach vacation ended poorly for a family who rented a beach-front house in Nags Head. Toward the end of their stay, the family woke up to chunks of drywall falling into the kitchen and insulation on the countertops and floors. But it wasn't the mess that frustrated the family.

Renter Jaclyn Johnson said when she woke up to the mess she couldn't believe it. "I was just in shock at that point," said Johnson.

The family rented the beach-front home from Cola Vaughan Realty and Johnson said she wasn't pleased with how they treated her.

"I never got an apology out of how they handled it or anything out of them. For me, I just want people to be aware of how I was treated, how poorly we were treated," said Johnson.

A leaky AC unit was to blame for the fallen drywall the family spotted around 6:00 am, but with no emergency number provided, the Johnson's called the realty company's main number and left a voicemail. She called again when the office opened at 9:00 am.They said they were prioritizing their phone calls at that time. So I thought that was kind of crazy we weren`t top priority.

"They said they were prioritizing their phone calls at that time. So I thought that was kind of crazy we weren't top priority," said Johnson.

Left without options, Johnson decided to share her experience with Cola Vaughan Realty online and posted a one-star review on the company's Facebook. The company posted a lengthy response. Part of it said:

There was no request for further assistance, clean-up or repair. [...] We certainly did all we could to help given the timing and circumstances of the problem.

Johnson said she understood a complete repair couldn't be done, but that wasn't what she was asking for. She said she didn't think she had to ask for someone to come and clean up the mess that wasn't her fault.