Violent video shows male and female beaten in fight on Old Dominion University’s campus

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 29, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. - A cell phone video captured a violent attack on Old Dominion University's campus involving a group of men hitting and kicking another male and female.

A spokesman for ODU, in an e-mail, said campus police are "conducting an investigation into a video that was circulated on social media, showing a group of males hitting and kicking a female and a male."

The video went viral on Twitter early Saturday morning.

A close friend of the female victim tells News 3, the fight happened early Saturday morning and the victim is only a high school student. Her male friend stepped on one of the men's shoes, and they began to fight. The victim then got "too close," yelling for the men to stop, and then got pulled in.

Students who saw the viral video say the incident happened right near "The Village" on campus, by 41st Street and Monarch Way, involving people who are not ODU students.

"I think it was pretty disgusting to even hit a woman," says Kaliq Noel, a junior who saw the video. "That was the first weekend for the freshmen, so that's not a good look on us, the freshmen seeing a fight on Twitter."

Some tweets from one of the men possibly involved also surfaced after the fight.

He claims that the female victim "jumped in a fight." He also wrote, "she punched me." He added, "it all started cause her mans said he wanted my shoes I told him TAKE THEM OFF MY FEET THEN!"

Some students tell News 3 they hope that it does not put the Monarch community in a bad light for the rest of the school yearr.

"The fact that they're representing us, making us look bad, just makes me sad," Noel says.

Anyone with information about the fight is asked to call 757-683-4000.