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September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day!

Posted at 12:00 AM, Sep 05, 2016
CORAL GABLES, FL - SEPTEMBER 12: A cheese pizza is seen at Miami's Best Pizza restaurant on September 12, 2014 in Coral Gables, Florida. Reports indicate that milk futures have risen to a record as exports by the U.S. have climbed amid shrinking inventories of cheese and butter, signaling higher costs for pizza and other products made with milk. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A cheese pizza at Miami’s Best Pizza restaurant on September 12, 2014 in Coral Gables, Florida. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

September 5 is destined to be delicious, because it’s National Cheese Pizza Day!

Here are some September 5 pizza deals:

  • Domino’s: Get two items for $5.99 each with promo code 9193 for a limited time. Exclusions apply.
  • Papa Johns: Get 25 percent off your entire online order with promo code 25OFF until Dec. 31, 2017.
  • My Pi (Hampton & Newport News): Any pi and fountain drink for $7 all day Monday

There’s always room for pizza. Respondents to a January Harris Poll ranked pizza as their No. 1 comfort food: 15% chose pizza over chocolate (7%), ice cream (7%), mac and cheese (5%), and potato chips (4%).

Be aware: While their origin stories are unclear, the holiday appears to be distinct from National Pizza Day (February 9), National Pepperoni Pizza Day (September 20) and National Sausage Pizza Day (October 11).

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But more holidays mean more chances to eat pizza, right?

And of course, everyone thinks their own way to dig into a steaming hot slice of pizza is the best. There’s the classic way to dive in, starting point first, or making it fancy with a knife and fork. Going crust first just seems awkward to some. Others employ “the fold,” which is probably the neatest style.

According to Patti Wood, an Atlanta-based body language expert and trainer, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality through his or her preferred way to eat pizza. This past fall, Cosmopolitan asked Wood to categorize pizza-eating styles into behavior profiles based on “DISC,” a program commonly used by corporate human resource departments to evaluate employees: Drivers, Influencers, Supporters, and Careful Correctors.

People who do “the fold” are Drivers: no-nonsense types who like to take care of business. Those who go crust-first are Influencers: innovative, novelty-seekers. Supporters like to be methodical, which explains why they use utensils: Don’t leave anything to chance. Careful Correctors have tried other ways before settling on the easiest: Just pick up a slice and bite!