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Hear from mom who dressed as man to attend ‘Donuts with Dad’ event

Posted at 10:10 AM, Sep 08, 2016

FORT WORTH, Texas - A single mother from Texas isn't letting the details keep her from being the best mom she can be - and she's quickly becoming a sensation on social media for it.

Yevette Vasquez recently dropped her son Elijah off at school when she noticed there were way more cars than usual. It was because of a special "Donuts with Dad" event, Elijah told her.

So what did she do? Dress up as a dad, of course.

Vasquez told ABC News she joked with Elijah that she could have come dressed up as a man so they could get some donuts. To her surprise, he actually liked the idea.

"He was like, 'Well, Mom, we got 10 minutes before the bell rings!'" Vasquez told ABC News. "When I saw how excited he was about it, I decided to follow through."

After the event, Yevette Vasquez posted photos to Facebook of herself all dressed up at Elijah's school writing, "Good morning, today at my son Elijah's skewl as I was dropping him off i ask him why there was so many cars... He said Donuts with Dad, so we quickly went back home cause I wasn't about to let him miss out..... I know seeing other dads with there kids isn't easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes..... and please don't hate I know I'm a woman an so do my sons lol #ilovehim #wegettingthemdonuts #noexcuses."