Massive yard debris efforts continues in Virginia Beach after Hermine

Posted at 10:36 AM, Sep 12, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va - The clean-up effort continues in Virginia Beach following lots of downed limbs and leaves from Tropical Storm Hermine.

Virginia Beach Waste Management crews started the clean-up efforts on Tuesday, September 6th. It took crews until 1:30p.m. Thursday to complete the normal Tuesday route.

The crews then immediately shifted to the normal Wednesday routes and will continue until all homes have been serviced. Crews worked on Saturday and are continuing their efforts Monday, even though it is not a normal collection day.

To help keep up with the demand, the city has supplemented their regular staff, are paying workers overtime and have hired temporary labor.

They've also suspended bulk item requests for the week of September 12th to ensure yard debris collections get back on schedule.

Virginia Beach reports a lot of debris has already been collected. A normal Tuesday route sees about 175 tons of yard debris. This week, the collection numbers for the Tuesday route were 703 tons.

The city also says usually trucks stop and pick up debris at an average of 25% of homes on a street during normal weeks. Post-Hermine, trucks are stopping at almost 100% of homes.

A total of 21 rear-load trucks and 4 platform grapple trucks are out on the streets to collect debris.