Moms in Hampton Roads teaming up to get in shape

Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 13, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. - Getting into shape can be difficult, especially as a new mom. But the company FIT4MOM is trying to make it more of a group effort.

The company aims to build healthy communities for moms across the country.

Here in Hampton Roads, there are FIT4MOM "villages" in Norfolk and Virginia Beach where local moms are getting together to motivate each other to stay fit and healthy.

"It's kind of like a win-win," says Stephanie Shanahan, a FIT4MOM member turned instructor. "You get yourself in shape and then you get to have these great people that you can get advie from or just tell your stories to... it's just nice to have that whole thing to come to."

The sense of community is obvious to anyone watching these ladies during one of their daily hour-long workouts.

"People are cheering for you and pushing you on," says Shanahan, "It makes it easier to show up when you know theres going to be this great group to be with. It's accountability."

And these moms are gaining more than just some muscle definition.

"It makes us better moms!" says Erin Zarate, the owner of FIT4MOM in Norfolk and Suffolk. "The endorphins, the way it makes us feel. We're patient with our children after we get our workout in which sometimes you don’t realize how effective that is until you do it … if you get your workout in you feel good and you're ready to take on anything."

Stroller Strides is one of the classes these moms can take.

"Moms can bring their little ones to work out with them" says Zarate. "It's strength, cardio and core with running or power walking in between."

They also have Body Back classes, consisting of high intensity interval training that takes moms on an 8 week journey to fitness - both physically and mentally.

"It's just so nice to be around other moms and see that people are going through the same thing that you are," says Shanahan.

If you want to join these fit moms, check out their website.