Portsmouth resident takes action against flooding

Posted at 1:36 PM, Sep 15, 2016

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - A neighborhood in Portsmouth told News 3 they have been dealing with a flooding problem for years.

Ansell Avenue and Treakle Terrace are home to about 30 families. Residents who live on the street said they are tired of living underwater.

A resident of Ansell Avenue sent these pictures to News 3 as a way to show what they have to deal with even after a short passing shower. She said the water pools up and sits in the yard and on the side of the street for days.

In the summer, she said the issue causes other problems like breeding mosquitoes and a foul smell. She said she has started a petition to try to get new roads with sidewalks or a better drainage system in the area.

The two storm drains are located at the bottom of the streets, not near where neighbors said the water sits. Residents told us the city cites budget restraints as to why they cannot fix the area.

After speaking to the City of Portsmouth, the Dept. of Public Works said they are assessing Treakle Terrace to decide whether or not it needs paving.