Virginia Supreme Court refuses to hold Governor McAuliffe in Contempt over restoring felon voting rights

Posted at 3:15 PM, Sep 15, 2016

The State Supreme Court today denied an attempt by Republican leaders to hold Governor Terry McAuliffe in contempt over the way he is restoring voting rights to convicted felons.

The GOP lawmakers wanted to force McAuliffe to return to court to show that he is complying with its order that struck down the Governor’s attempt to restore voting rights to more than 200-thousand felons all at once.

Following that order McAuliffe began restoring voting rights on an individual basis but Republicans argued that he was doing so many in such a short time he was defying the court’s ruling.

Many Republicans feel McAuliffe is trying to sign up new voters to help his longtime friend Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race.

House Speaker William Howell issued a statement which reads in part, “We are disappointed by today’s news but respect the Supreme Court’s order. Throughout this process, our goal was to hold Governor McAuliffe accountable to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.”

Howell went on to say that the General Assembly will review the Constitution’s provision on felon voting.