Cab driver unwittingly takes robbery suspect from bank to bank

Posted at 2:06 PM, Sep 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-17 14:06:46-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Police said a man used a taxi driver Friday to unknowingly carry him from crime scene to crime scene.

Marvin Robinson's Facebook posts pretty much tell the story: what started as a normal day on Friday turned bizarre pretty quickly.

"I just had the bank robber in my taxi"

"I just had the bank robber in my taxi" (Photo: WTVR)

"He said his truck had broken down and what he needed to do would've cost him ten bucks but he had to take a cab so he knew it would cost more," Robinson told WTVR.

Robinson drove the man from Southside to this West End location.

"It was near the dialysis place," Robinson said.

Next door was Village Bank. Not that Robinson realized that right away.

"He came back running and said it was because the meter was running," he said.

Robinson said the man instructed him to go to the Martins on West Cary. While he waited in the lot, police say the man entered the Union Bank and robbed it.

The suspect jumped back in the cab and told Robinson to head south. Once on the Powhite, Robinson says he saw a van following them and figured something was up.

“But he didn’t pay his cab fare so somebody better pay me.”

“But he didn’t pay his cab fare so somebody better pay me.”

When they were pulled over by police, Robinson says the man made a run for it, but was quickly captured.

But Robinson’s bad week was about to get worse: his cab is now in police evidence. And then he realized he wasn't going to be paid his fare.

"But I can't let it get me down," Robinson said.

The cabbie, who for the moment is homeless, said it's just his luck. He said he was trying to make an honest buck, not knowing a dishonest bank robbery suspect was sitting in the passenger seat.

Sources said the bank robber is likely connected to a second Village Bank robbery in Henrico County in addition to the Union robbery on West Cary.

As for Marvin Robinson, he said he will spend his weekend looking for odd jobs to make a quick buck.