Family of auto mechanic who survived horrible crash: ‘It is miraculous’

Posted at 2:46 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 16:47:44-04

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -  The family of an auto mechanic who was seriously injured when an SUV plowed into the bay where he was working says it is a miracle he's alive.

Brandon Nodurft, 29, was at work at the Firestone Auto on Warwick Blvd. in the Hidenwood Shopping Center on Sunday, September 11 when Newport News Police say an 81-year-old woman drove into the bay where he was working, sending Brandon flying.

"He was shoved in to a cement wall. It just so happened there was a hallway on that wall. He was shoved down that hallway a bit and that was the only thing that kept him from being injured much worse," his mother Joyce told News 3's Todd Corillo.

Joyce rushed to the hospital to be by her son's side in the Emergency Room and was there as his condition rapidly deteriorated.

"He was lucid and talking and everything seemed fine and as I stood there he progressed and got worse and worse. Couldn't answer questions. And that's when they rushed him off to emergency brain surgery," Joyce recalls. "When he came out of surgery, the surgery went well, but the doctor did tell us that he wouldn't know if there was any brain damage until Brandon woke up."

The hours that passed during the surgery and while the family waited for Brandon to wake-up were among the most difficult Joyce can ever recall.

"They were horrible. I mean it was through the night and all we could is pray. That's really all we could do is pray."

Hours later, Brandon did wake-up, without any permanent brain damage, much to the relief of his very worried family.

"When he saw me, I'm a hovering mother, and when he saw me, he just looked up and he said 'Back off Mom!' and that was Brandon. We knew we had him back," Joyce recalls.

Brandon is now in a rehab facility, where he's expected to stay for several weeks. He'll then continue his recovery at home.

In the meantime, his family is trying to raise funds to cover his expenses, which are mounting quickly for the new father.

"He has workman's comp which is wonderful however it is not your full paycheck and he is supporting a baby and his fiancee as well. He is the sole supporter. The baby is 2 months old - she is beautiful," Joyce shared.

The family has set-up a page for Brandon's expenses. You can donate to it here.

They are just thankful he's alive and credit divine intervention for his well-being.

"It is miraculous. I mean we know exactly who to thank and we know exactly who to thank for that hallway being there and him being pushed in that direction and you know God is good and he takes care of us no matter what that means."