Children scream as spider emerges from banana in Virginia

Posted at 1:37 PM, Sep 20, 2016

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. - A mother has a warning for her fellow parents: "Inspect your fruits and veggies!"

Kiersta Woods learned that lesson the hard way after she said a spider emerged from her child's banana while her two-year-old son was eating the fruit.

Woods posted video of the spider, with banana pieces on its back, to Facebook over the weekend.

That video has since been viewed millions of times around the world.

"I am blown away with how far this video has reached. I have received an insane outpouring of people reaching out checking on my son and worrisome for their own families," she said. "This was absolutely terrifying for us, not only because I'm that girl petrified of spiders, but because this situation could have ended very badly."

Woods said she was grateful her son noticed this spider and threw the banana onto the table.

"Thank God [the spider] had banana on top of it making it move slowly, so I could control this situation and kill it," she said. "We never, EVER, would have imagined something like this happening to us."