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Virginia ranks #3 as the best place for women to start a business in 2016

Posted at 9:18 PM, Sep 20, 2016

Virginia recently ranked third as the best place for women to start a business.

Thumbtack, an online service marketplace that connects professionals did a report on the Best Places for Women to Start a Business in 2016.

Women are taking the lead with business ownership in the U.S.

At Thumbtack’s last count, more than nine million businesses were owned by women in the U.S.

The site’s analysts studied their proprietary marketplace data to determine where women are most happy running a business.

They surveyed 20,557 women from January to June, 2016.

Here were the top 10 states for women entrepreneurs, with Virginia at number three:


Courtesy of Thumbtack

Here were the top 10 cities for women entrepreneurs. Virginia had two cities ranked in this category:


Courtesy of Thumbtack