Cashie River causes major flooding in Windsor, North Carolina

Posted at 9:35 AM, Sep 23, 2016

WINDSOR, N.C. - Windsor is experiencing their third major flood in recent years.

The town Mayor told News 3 they had about 14 inches due to the rain that began Tuesday.

By Friday, officials said the water had receded about two feet and was falling quickly.

Karen Barnes looked on in awe as she sees her beloved hometown under water.

"The water was maybe the half way the parking lot when I left yesterday," Karen Barnes, who works in the area, said “Not realizing – it was just gonna continue to rain and rain and that it was gonna flood.”

Standing water fills downtown Windsor - all a result of the Cashie River overflowing it’s banks.

So much water you can’t even see the yellow street markers.

People say they've experienced majoring flooding in the past but it's never something they get used to.

“It’s bad anyway you look at it,” Chasna Bridgette, whose family members were flooded out of their homes, said. “I gotta take the – bypass the opposite end just to come to work. That’s kind of mess up and it’s just sad.”

Yesterday’s dark clouds are now blue but many cars, homes, and businesses remain immersed in water.

Barnes says she’s grateful her home is fine but she’s still worried about what’s next.

Her job is under six inches of water.

“It’s not a good feeling cause I thought I was gone work today. But like I said, my boss called last night and said I won’t be able to work for a while. I got bills and their still coming whether I got a job or not,”

Everyone in the flooded areas has been evacuated and there are no reported injuries.

The town mayor says they expect the water to start receding later today.

For Barnes that can’t come soon enough.

On Monday, a week after the devastation hit the town, Governor Pat McCrory visited the area to see how the state could assist in flood relief efforts.