Prime time to get your lawn in shape!

Posted at 7:33 AM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-26 07:33:33-04

Fall is prime time to get your lawn in shape. If you have cold weather grass, like tall fescue, this is the start of the year for the life of your grass.

Eighty percent of homes in Hampton Roads have cold weather grass, and the next three to four weeks is the perfect time to get everything ready.

First, you need to mow the grass down as low as it can go. That was when you spread or spray grass seed or fertilizer, it will go directly into the soil and won't get stuck on top of any long grass.

Next, evaluate your yard. What type of weeds or unwanted grasses have made their way onto your lawn over the warm summer months? Hampton Roads has crab grass and dallisgrass that can sneak into your fescue and start to take over. You can rake them up or dig them up, whatever you need to do to get down to the soil so you can regrow what you want.

And then its all about what kind of grass seed you're using.

"Now we've prepped the lawn, its ideal for grass seed now," says Kevin Cooper, the owner of Cooper Landscape Management in Virginia Beach. " You want to sew a quality seed in there, we don't want to put junk grass back in the lawn again. So scrutinize the label on every bag of grass seed, zero in on crop seed content and weed seed content."

The best grass seed for your lawn will have 0% of both crop seed and weed seed.

"Don't spend good money to put junk back in your lawn again," says Cooper.