Student suspended after posting picture of discolored water in school bathroom

Posted at 11:20 AM, Sep 26, 2016

WESTLAND, Mich. — A Michigan high school student was suspended after exposing her school’s water problem on social media.

Hazel Juco told WXYZ she was concerned when she saw discolored water coming from the girl’s bathroom sink at John Glenn High School, but she had no idea that she would be suspended because of the picture she took.

Juco posted the photo to her social media pages, saying that she hoped someone would notice and fix the problem.

But instead of getting help, Juco was called into the school office.

“They told me I was being suspended for three days, OSS (Out of School Suspension) for taking a picture. It is inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom,” she told WXYZ. “And everyone in my school, every girl takes, like, selfies in the bathroom and makes it their profile picture on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. No one has gotten in trouble.”

Dr. Michele Harmala, the superintendent for Wayne-Westand Community Schools, says she looked into the issue and immediately sent a plumber to fix the original problem.

Harmala added that the rule against cellphones in the bathroom is to prevent inappropriate pictures of people.

She says she will ensure the suspension is taken off of Juco’s record.