Husband’s entrails found in woman’s checked bag

Posted at 6:50 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 18:50:21-04

A 35-year-old Moroccan woman’s bag was randomly checked upon her arrival in Graz, Austria, on September 8.

The New York Times reports the woman was carrying a four-inch piece of her late husband’s intestine; the Independent picks up a local paper’s report that describes the entrails as being in two containers.

What was inside was “absolutely secure, triple wrapped, according to European Union norms,” per a pathologist.

The Local reports a government agency confirmed the find. The woman’s lawyer tells the Times that the woman was bringing the body part back to Graz, where the couple had spent the last eight years, to have it tested.

This after a Marrakesh doctor suggested the 40-year-old might have been surreptitiously poisoned, perhaps by members of her husband’s own family who were against the marriage.

The BBC reports a doctor was called and said such testing wasn’t possible in the absence of the whole cadaver, but the Times reports the intestines have been sent to the aforementioned pathologist’s clinic, which is examining the entrails and expects results next week.

The woman’s transport of the organ was not illegal, notes the paper. (The airport isn’t the only unexpected place intestines have turned up.)

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