Virginia Beach Donald Trump display vandalized three nights in a row

Posted at 8:18 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 23:24:26-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - A display supporting Donald Trump was vandalized three nights in a row according to the display's owners.

The witness who recorded the video said he can spot a woman tearing down and derailing the train display in support of Donald Trump. The man who recording wasn't the only one watching at the busy intersection of Dam Neck and Holland Roads.

"I was getting texts, a lot of texts about this woman that they saw that was driving a BMW, but they didn`t get a license number," said Ramona Austin, who spent more than a month putting together the display with her friends.

The display, aimed to get others on board with voting for Donald Trump, is on private property.  When Austin drove by Wednesday morning, she was taken aback by what she saw.

"I had to do a double-take I had no idea the whole thing was ruined," said Austin.

Austin believes the woman who vandalized the sign slashed through words on their display. But that's nothing some tape and a positive attitude can't fix.

Michelle Riley who helped create the sign said, "We weren`t going to be stopped. No matter what somebody does to it, this is the third night in a row, we just keep taping over it and painting over it and putting it back together."

The group has upped their security by adding security cameras to better spot any vandals. Austin hopes it's the last time they have to get the train back on the tracks.

"The freedom of speech gives us the right to do what we did. But the laws in this country don`t give that person or people to do what they did.," said Austin.

A police report was filed Wednesday morning. Austin said the property owner does want to press charges for what happened.