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Grant Gustin: Expect more romance in Season 3 of ‘The Flash’

Posted at 10:32 AM, Oct 03, 2016

The much-anticipated Season 3 of "The Flash" premieres Tuesday night. While most of us will experience all the action from our living room sofas, Hilary Kennedy from EyeOpenerTV got the chance to go behind the scenes during filming and catch up with Hampton Roads native Grant Gustin.

Grant said we can expert some serious romance to develop between Barry and Iris. Grant also talked about the parallels between his own personal characteristics and those of Barry Allen, and how he manages to make The Flash so relatable to millions of fans.

Watch the video above to check out the full interview with Grant Gustin.

Season 3 of "The Flash" premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. on WGNT.