Seth Rogen tweets mugshot of clown look-alike: ‘Apparently I was arrested’

Posted at 11:00 PM, Oct 04, 2016

OHIO – An Ohio man arrested for carrying a concealed weapon while dressed as a clown caught the eye of actor Seth Rogen, who couldn’t ignore the resemblance.

“Apparently I was arrested to (sic) dressing like a clown,” Rogen tweeted.

Police arrested the look-alike in question, 19-year-old Greg Carter Jr., along with two other people – all of them dressed as clowns – after a 911 caller allegedly saw them walking past a cemetery along Route 214 in Belmont County, Ohio, Friday night.

“Someone reported that they saw a clown on 214 and then we got another call while they were en route that someone was shooting a laser in the general area,” Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas told WTOV.

Eric Geisel, 19, was carrying a hatchet, and Jesse Morris, 18, was using a laser pointer, according to police.