Suffolk woman accuses roof repair worker of stealing her prescription medication

Posted at 10:39 PM, Oct 04, 2016

SUFFOLK, Va. – A Suffolk woman who was getting her roof repaired from storm damage, said a worker from a State Farm recommended company stole her prescription medication right from her medicine drawer.

Sandra Brundage came home from work to find water damage in her home, “Shingles were blown off the roof – about 10 shingles right in this area. So the leak came from the nail holes where the shingles were,” said Brundage.

She turned to her insurance company State Farm to help her get her home back to normal. Instead, she said her prescription medication was stolen.

“He only picked out all my Ritalin and all my hydrocodone. So you see how many bottles he had to go through. He knew what he was looking for,” said Brundage. She said State Farm recommended ServiceMaster of Suffolk to fix the water damage to her home. An employee named Calvin D. came out to her home to do the repairs. She stayed with him the first two days, but couldn’t Friday, September 23.

“He told me he would call me. Well I waited all day for him Friday and never received a call from him,” said Brundage. But Brundage heard from her dog walker Calvin had been in the home. She didn’t give it much thought. Then, Saturday, she sat down to put her medication for the week in her pill boxes and saw all the Ritalin she takes for ADHD was missing. Brundage is also being treated for clinical depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. She said cleaning out her medicine drawer is her last priority.

Brundage said State Farm and ServiceMaster haven’t done anything to help her.

“I feel like I’ve got this victim stamped on my forehead like it’s okay to take advantage of me. No, it’s not okay, they’ve messed with the wrong girl. I don’t put up with stuff like this,” said Brundage.

A State Farm media specialist sent News 3 this statement:

While I’m unable to speak to the specifics of this claim. When a policy holder has a claim, it is evaluated and the insurer and the customer come to an agreement on the cost of repairs. When that agreement is made, it is up to the customer on who to hire when it comes to having that work done. It is their choice. Any problem is best addressed directly with the contractor and if necessary by the authorities in court. We encourage all our customers to work with a reputable contractor so they can receive the work they expect.

ServiceMaster of Southside was not involved in this case.