Virginia Beach Restaurant Week: Baladi Mediterranean Cafe

Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 04, 2016
Virginia Beach, Va. - If you've had Mediterranean food before you know how delicious it can be. If you haven't had it, don't let the unknown scare you off.

"A lot of people want to eat Mediterranean food either because they want to eat healthier or because their doctor wants them to eat healthier or something like that," says Khaled Jebrail, the head chef and owner of Baladi Mediterranean Cafe. "They may be hesitant at first because they’ve never been there, but overwhelmingly most people are pleasantly surprised."

 Baladi Mediterranean Cafe in Hilltop prides themselves on bringing you the real deal.

"We're not fine dining, but I like quality food," says Jebrail. "We make everything from scratch in house we make our sauces our breads our sweets we trim our meats we make everything from scratch. Good quality ingredients, fresh produce, seasonal produce when it's available form the local farms. And very good spices and a little bit of love, you know, it shows in the food."

 If you come here to eat, there's one thing you have to try.

"Falafel. This is perhaps, no exaggeration, the best falefal there is on this side of the country," says Chef Khaled.

"If you have been to Baladi's before you'll want to come during restaurant week because we have specials that we don’t normally have," says Jebrail. "And if you haven’t been to Baladi before and you're really looking for some authentic delicious nutritionally balanced Mediterranean food that is going to make you come back again and again, give us a try."