Hurricane forces homeowners to sandbag homes 

Posted at 4:32 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 16:58:21-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. - As Hurricane Matthew possible approaches our area, many homeowners are taking extra precaution.

Jim Lohr spent Wednesday going around his home placing sandbags over exterior vents.

He says that'll help stop any flood water from seeping into his home.

“This section of the garage is prone to flooding. We’ve never had water in the house but under the house. Ever since Isabel, I’ve started doing that. It hasn’t gotten that high again but this could be the first test," Lohr said.

Staff at Beach Hardware Do It Best say, since Tuesday, they've sold plenty sandbags as people gear up for the storm.

“A lot of people are kind of panicking," Floor Manager Tyler Mitchell said.

Mitchell says some people who buy sand fail to buy a burlap bag.

He says those go a long way in preventing flooding.

“If you keep it in the plastic bag, it just kind of acts as a barrier. Adding the sandbag, allows the water to flow through and absorb and it blocks out the water," Mitchell said.

Even though the National Weather Service now projects the storm won't hit Hampton Roads, Lohr says he's keeping the sandbags down until sunny skies are in the forecast again.