Virginia Beach Restaurant Week: Bahama Breeze

Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 05, 2016

Virginia Beach, Va. – If you’re feeling the effects of Fall, just stepping in Bahama Breezeat Pembroke Mall will give you some serious summer vibes.

“We really want to feed our guests the island experience,” says Paul Buro, the General Manager.  “For us our whole key is to be passionate about providing that Caribbean escape, whether there’s snow on the ground or whether there’s humidity outside, we’re going to provide that for you.”

They pride themselves on their Caribbean food, drinks and atmosphere.

“We’ve got a lot of different flavors,” says Buro. “We go from the very sweet side to the very spicy side and anywhere in between. We incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables, freshly made salsas and sauces and its just a lot of different flavors and ingredients and colors that you’d find in the islands.”

During Restaurant Week, they’re offering $12 lunch and $32 dinner deals.

“We have our jerk chicken pasta, which is one of our most popular dishes,” says Buro. “We take nice tender, white meat chicken toss that in a nice Parmesan cream sauce, bowtie pasta, little asparagus and mushrooms. It really hits the spot.”