Virginia Beach Restaurant Week: The Landing

Posted at 5:09 AM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 05:09:57-04

Virginia Beach, Va. – They’ve only been open for about two years, but already the guys at The Landing have established a reputation.

“I think it’s a combination between the food and the service,” says Kyle Butters, one of the restaurant’s owners.  “We really work hard to use a lot of local ingredients. I think that the dining experience here is based around the food, but its also based around good service so I think people come in here and expect a pretty good experience.”

 This restaurant week you can expect to see some of The Landings favorites.

“They’re going to be able to experience stuff that are actually on our menu that they’d be able to come back and enjoy it again,” says Butter. “So we put one of our most popular dishes, our sweet potato encrusted salmon with Parmesan risotto and garlic spinach. This is our number one selling dish in the restaurant so we wanted to offer something that does so well in the restaurant to people who normally wouldn’t come and understand how good our food really is.”

 They’re open for both lunch and dinner and their specials are always changing.

 “I think that what were offering is a great value for restaurant week,” says Butters.  “We’re also pairing some good wines and some good cocktails with them and I think you’re gonna get the most bang for your buck here for sure.”

They get really busy, so they recommend making a reservation before you come in!