David Latham’s family speaks to News 3 after Michael Edington found not guilty

Posted at 3:00 PM, Oct 07, 2016

More than two years after her son, David, was shot and killed in her doorway, Audrey Latham now knows no one will serve time for his death.

"He didn't get justice. I don't know if a black man can get justice in America at this point. I'm just traumatized right now. And upset," Audrey said.

Back in June 2014, Norfolk police officer Michael Edington responded to the Latham home after a frantic 911 call.

David Latham was mentally ill and off his medication. He was threatening his family with a butcher knife.

"David was a big guy, but he was very calm and a compassionate person. David wouldn't hurt a fly. He may have made some threats, but he wouldn't hurt anyone," Audrey said.

Edington responded to the scene that night, and said David threatened him while holding a knife and while taking a small step.

That small step is what Edington said prompted him to shoot and kill David.

He was charged with manslaughter, and after a two week trial, a jury found him not guilty.

"It's like I have my life back," Edington told News 3 while holding back tears.

However, when Audrey heard the words "not guilty," she had a different reaction.

"I think he was even surprised that he was found not guilty. After all the evidence that as presented in court for two weeks, I was shocked and disappointed," she said.

Now, the Latham family is working to heal at home -- the same place they lost David.

"We just press forward. We know the truth, and we know what happened. We were all here, and just thanking we had 35 years with David," Audrey said.

Edington will remain on administrative duty with the Norfolk police department until an internal investigation is complete.