William Chapman’s mom meets with others whose kids were killed by police

Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 11, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. – On the eve before Stephen Rankin is scheduled to be officially sentenced William Chapman’s mother meet with seven other grieving mothers.

Candy Chapman spoke to News 3 Tuesday and said, “I’m glad they found him guilty now he’s going to be locked up.”candy-meets-with-moms-2

Her son was shot and killed by Rankin in April 2015. A jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter in August.  The jury recommended 2.5 years in prison.  The judge will make the final ruling Wednesday.

“God wakes me up every day. I have to rely on him,” said Candy Chapman, “Nobody knows how you feel until the shoes on the other foot.”

Six mothers from New York, Baltimore, Maryland and D.C. came to Hampton Roads to show support to Candy.

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India Kager’s mother, Gina Best also attended a meeting to show support for Candy.

27 year-old India was caught in the crossfire during a shootout police had with Angelo Perry last year. Police called him a person of interest in a murder case.  Virginia Beach said Perry was armed with two guns and fired first.

Best said she had no justice for her daughter.

Best said the police need to be more transparent with information about shootings and provide the families and public with more details about investigations. She is outraged by the lack of information released and wants an entire overhaul.

The women said they showed up to show solidarity and to show support to William Chapman’s family.

They are demanding change in the way officer involved shootings are handled.

Coalition of Concerned MothersMarion Gray-Hopkins said they want changes across the country to ensure killings stop.

Gray-Hopkins said they will stand united until justice is served.

According to their Facebook page their “mission is to create collaborative partnerships with families who have been affected by senseless killings, police brutality and mass incarceration while identifying and supporting legislative and community initiative change.”

Candy Chapman said the women in the group provide her support and they can help her deal with her loss.  They all said they plan to be at the official sentencing on Wednesday.