Judge asks prosecutors to provide examples in Burfoot corruption trial

Posted at 2:11 PM, Oct 12, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. – A judge asked prosecutors to cite examples of Anthony Burfoot’s alleged corruption before the trial begins next month.

The judge told prosecutors to provide examples of official acts and quid-pro-quo. Those two elements were heavily scrutinized during the trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. McDonnell’s conviction was overturned because the Supreme Court ruled prosecutors over-stepped in defining official acts. The judge said because of the McDonnell case it would be helpful for prosecutors to identify specific examples of official acts, even if they’re from the indictment.

In addition, the judge ruled against several attempts by the defense to have charges dropped, saying that would be premature.

Burfoot was indicted in January on corruption charges. He’s accused of using his position as a city official to make business deals.

Last month, Ronnie Boone, a well-known Norfolk businessman, pleaded guilty to bribing Burfoot and other city officials. Burfoot’s attorney told reporters that the allegations are false.

Burfoot’s trial is scheduled to start in November. His attorney, Andrew Sacks, says they’re ready. “Oh yeah, but we continue to work. We still have much to do. We won’t rest until the trial is over. At no time will we rest until this trial is over,” he said.

Potential jurors will receive a questionnaire before the trial, asking them about the case. Seventy-five will get it, but the number actually called for the case will likely be fewer.