Former contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ accuses Trump of ‘inappropriate sexual conduct’

Posted at 2:17 PM, Oct 14, 2016

CALIFORNIA – A woman who is accusing Donald Trump of victimizing her with inappropriate sexual conduct held a press conference Friday with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

The news conference was the first time that the accuser, Summer Zervos from season five of The Apprentice, has spoken to the press about her allegations against Trump.

The conference came after The New York Times released bombshell report about two women who claim that Trump touched them inappropriately.

The allegations come after The Washington Post released a video of Trump recorded on a hot mic talking about trying to have sex with a married woman, saying “when you’re a star, they let you do it.”

On Tuesday, Allred and several women’s rights groups rallied outside “The Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett’s Southern California office, demanding unaired footage of the show be released to the public.

A former producer on the show says the unaired footage features the GOP presidential nominee making remarks far worse than what was seen in the recently leaked footage from 2005.

Allred said the public has the right to know what Trump said.

“I think that his own words and his own conduct in the workplace are certainly a legitimate issue,” Allred said. “I mean “The Apprentice” may have been a television show, but it was also a workplace. And if as and when Mr. Trump were to be elected president of the United States, he would be the head of the largest workforce in the United States — federal government employees. And as such, we need to be sure that he sets and example as a role model for how employers should interact with employees and obey all laws.”

Allred tried to personally deliver a letter to Burnett, but was stopped by security. She also offered to put together a panel of judges to determine if the footage can be released.