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Ghost pepper vodka? Virginia ABC adds 45 new products

Posted at 9:44 AM, Oct 15, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia ABC store customers will be able to choose from even more products this October.

Forty-five new products were added to the ABC stores’ product catalog.

“We’re very excited to offer these products to our customers, both in Virginia ABC stores and on the agency’s website,” said Director of Marketing John Shiffer. ““This quarterly process helps store shelves more accurately reflect the changing flavors of the season.”

The “autumn class of spirits” includes 19 bourbons, seven cordials, four vodkas, brandies, moonshines and more.

Several spirits made in Virginia will be made available in stores, including Ironclad Bourbon, Belle Isle Coffee Moonshine, Mt. Defiance Absinthe, White Label Corn Whiskey and Ghost Pepper Vodka.

Click here for a full list of new products.

Virginia ABC usually has a limited release for new products in 20 to 100 stores. If customers like the products, they release them to additional stores.

The agency puts the new products on shelves the first of April, July, October and January.